10,000 lb. “HOT FARM” TRACTORS

This class is one of the new classes with USA-EAST and was sponsored by Hubner Seed for the first time in 2014. Tractors running in the ‘Hot Farm’ division are really the souped up version of farm tractors, but they run very much like their Super Farm cousins. The 2014 season showcased a number of very strong tractors that actually brought a field of seventeen of the machines out to a pull this summer. This is an ever growing class of tractors

‘Hot Farm’ tractors may also be tractors that are still used on the farm, but very few from this category wish to test out the strong fields of tractors at USA-EAST pulls.

Mark Sindlinger from Hadley, Pennsylvania was the 2014 Champion in the “Hot Farm” division was a very stout Ford 8000 called “The Babe”. This tractor won over half of the hooks in the class in 2014 and was the easy winner of the USA-EAST championship.

The runner-up was Devin Riggin from Vanderbilt, Pennsylvania with his John Deere named ‘The Bandit’. Riggin and his brother Dustin each have a tractor running with the “Hot Farms” in USA-EAST Sled Pulling.

Hubner Seed became the sponsor of the “Hot Farm” division for the first time in 2014. This allowed for a nice point fund for the pullers also for the first time. And each of the pullers in the class received a jacket compliments of Hubner Seed.



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