Nathan Graham of Greensburg sits atop the Limited Pro Stock Tractor world after taking a huge victory on Saturday night in Gifford, Illinois with his “Blue Reaper” Ford 9000 Tractor.   The event is called the “Midwest Winter Nationals” and is held annually at the Gordyville Sport and Entertainment complex.  This is one of the largest indoor pulling events of the winter season.


The pull at Gordyville was unique in that the class that Graham competed was actually called LIGHT PRO STOCK and followed the all new rules from the National Tractor Pullers Association (NTPA).  This class permits the use of the larger ‘P’ pumps on the NTPA circuit.  Graham and the other eastern tractors relied on their smaller ‘A’ pumps as the followed the rules of both USA-EAST and Interstate Pullers.


Not only did the “Blue Reaper” take the crown, five of the top eight tractors all hailed from the eastern United States and all of these five tractors utilized the ‘A’ pumps on their tractors.  Tommy Williams from Leesburg, Virginia grabbed the runner-up spot with his “Firestorm” International while Shamokin, Pennsylvania’s Vern Zerby had two tractors finish in the top eight at this event.  And Randy Devaughn from Gambrills, Maryland put the “Street Boyz Toy” into the top eight as well.  A great showing for the eastern tractors at this national level event!!


Graham’s tractor is powered by a 540 cubic inch Genesis engine that was originally built at Forrester Farm Equipment in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.  The “Blue Reaper” was the 2009 USA-EAST series champion and ended up third in the 2010 point race with USA-EAST.  Graham took victories at the Trumbull County Fair in Cortland, Ohio and at the Big Butler Fair in Prospect, Pennsylvania en route to his third place in 2010.


Nathan Graham and his “Blue Reaper” now place themselves into the position of “the one to beat” in 2011.  The next indoor event where Graham plans to compete will be held at the Harrisburg Farm Show Arena at the end of March.


Congratulations to Nathan Graham and his family for another super win!!



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